What's Going On Here?

Yes! I'd love for all bloggers, librarians, etc. of all denominations to join in and get rid of clutter and pass on books for more love.


How do you do it?
  • Well, you start with having an ARC(s) that you don't want anymore.
  • Then you go to the tab that says "ARC Donation Form" right next to this page's tab and fill it out accordingly and submit.
  • I'll see the entry and say "AWESOME!" and then I add it to the current list with your blog/ institution beside it (hey, I give credit when credit is totally deserved).
  • Then we wait.
  • Then some blogger, teacher, librarian, bookseller, etc. sees it and goes "OMG. That is THE book I want!" and requests it. I take it off the list and email you the shipping info.
  • Then you mail it out as soon as you can! Media Mail will become your best friend and so will these little guys: http://bit.ly/NLUsRV. They are great because they are sturdy and hold up to 2 average-sized ARCs.

Donators Rules:
  • This is NOT a trade program, it is a GIFT program. We are gifted the ARCs from the pretty publishers and now we are gifting them on. Pay it forward.
  • Yes, this means you're paying for domestic shipping. This is why the limit of requests is 2 and US only. Shipping plus envelope should be less than $5 MAX.
  • You can also choose to ship within the US and to Canada or JUST within the US.
  • While when you ship the book is at your discretion, let me or the requester know if it'll be over a week. Just so they aren't running out to the mailbox at every large truck that comes by. What? We all do this, don't deny it.
  • We have a anti-discrimination law here. Once a blogger, teacher, librarian, bookseller, etc. requests a book, it is a done deal. You cannot deny to send a book to the first requester for ANY reason. There is ZERO discrimination on reason of blog status, or the like. Doing so will end in lots of bad juju and a strongly-worded email from me. 


ARCycling runs solely on donations. Either from my own stash or from other lovely bloggers. So we only have a selection of ARCs every month up for grabs. I gather these titles every month and release them Sunday afternoon. And for the element of surprise, I will not release titles I have available beforehand. Cause I'm mean like that!

Where will the titles be released?
Under the tab titled "The LIST". *points upward* The 'Offline' message that sits there 90% of the time will be replaced by an awesome spreadsheet with all the yummy titles up for grabs.

Then you request. How? This is how.
Right below The List is a form. This form's appearance will change every week, but the info will be the same. Fill it out. Submit. Done. If you got the book(s), you will get a confirmation email within 15-20 minutes AT MOST. If you DIDN'T get the book, you will not get an email at all. Sorry! Please only fill this form out once a week!

Ze Rules:
  • ARCycling will only be open once a MONTH for about an hour. (Opening late Sunday afternoon/evening).
  • When requesting ARCs at our monthly session, you may request as many as you'd like, but you will only receive TWO BOOKS, so put your choices in order. 
  • NO BLIND GRABBING. Seriously. You know what happens then? You get a book you aren't excited about and never review it and my stats go lower. Only request what you will actually read.
  • Each requester must be a REGULARLY ACTIVE book blogger, librarian, teacher, bookseller and must provide link to blog, or name of institution. You must also actually review books. Not something I thought I'd ever have to specify, but just posting memes, giveaways and cover reveals do not count.
  • You are not required to review said book. I would like it VERY MUCH if you did review it. AND if you DO review it, please let me know! Just email or tweet (@ARCycling) and will go into the fabulous Archive.
  • US/ Canada only. We do have a Canada option. Books that can go to either US or CA will be marked as such in the list and will be in BLUE.
  • First come, first served. When a book is requested, I will immediately delete it from the list. If you request something and it’s already been taken, I’ll tell you ASAP and you can choose again. This is not a perfect system, so please don’t get too sad or mad at me if it’s gone.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What do you take?
The concept of this program is to either build buzz before the book comes out or to sustain it shortly after it's released. Publishers like the main buzz around a book to be about a month before and after its release when the chance for sales is the highest.

That being said, this is also a program run solely off of donations, so what we get is what we get. As well as taking ARCs, I'll take older and finished copies of books as well. I'm not an ageist! I don't discriminate against old books! That's for the true, paid marketers.

What's a "package deal"?A package deal is two books that may not be requested separately. Usually they are the first and second in a series, but not always. However, they count as TWO BOOKS.

Is there something I have to do with the ARC after I read and review it?
Nope! While it would make me 100 shades of happy for you to want to ARCycle it again, I certainly can't require it. You can keep it, give it to a friend (blogger or otherwise), whatever your little heart desires.

I belong to a blog with multiple reviewers, can we all request?
I don't see why not. As long as you are all interested in what you're getting and plan on reading it (and hopefully reviewing it!). Besides this only really presents a monopolistic problem IF you all see things you want AND actually get them. Which is actually probably a low percentage, really.

Why is this not a trade program? Okay, this is not a FAQ, per se, but I want it said.
Because I don't like trades! Trades always assume you have something the trader wants. It's cruelty to see something you want oh, so badly, but not be able to get it cause you don't have said other SUPER DESIRED book.

But for those of you deductive types you might be thinking "but what do you get out of this? Seems like nothing..."
Um, you're basically right. Mostly, I get clutter out and can sleep with a peaceful conscious that I'm helping publishers out more than just hashing out my ridiculous thoughts a few times a week.