Sep 15, 2013

Clarifying the Changes

There have been a few questions about the changes, so I just want to clarify a few things.

  • If you get your request in immediately, odds are that you will get a response the way the program is normally run
  • If you get it in late, you will most likely get a response really late into the night (we're talking anywhere between 11 and 2) if not Monday morning
  • The list will close really late Sunday night so everyone has a chance to get to it
  • Your e-mails will go out any time between late Sunday night and early Tuesday. We have to do it when we have the free time, you know? We will do them all at once and always announce on twitter when they are complete.
  • In some instances they will be done on time if either of us manage to be free

Hope that clears up any questions!

Sep 14, 2013


What with Lili being busy at college and Jennifer working 3 jobs (yes, yes, I'm awesome, I know it) ARCycling is going to have to be shifted. SLIGHTLY.

Things are going to run pretty much the same as always, open, close, books-free-for-all, etc. but it's those emails, man. Those emails. They kind of take forever. You wouldn't think so, but they do. So from now until further notice, emails might be going out a bit later than usual.

The emails to people who got books are quick and easy enough, they should go within the same time frame, but Donators, you awesome people, you. You will be getting them any time from Sunday night to Tuesday, at the very latest. This is to allows us a little wiggle room with our tight schedules.

Anyway, that's all!