Jul 24, 2013

Guess. What.

It's been a year. We are a year old. A year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8760 hours. 525600 minutes.

Okay, a year give or take your definition, but for sure a year that this blog has been open.
Now it's stats time.
In that year, we got to 600 followers. We've had over 800 books given a second, or third chance at life. We've had 250 reviews that wouldn't have existed otherwise. We've had over 200 unique donators. This is all so happying.

And do you know what that means? GIF TIME.
So lately I've rejoined the world of popular things by finally watching Sherlock, Avengers and the solo movies that led up to it and before that Star Trek. So, we're just gonna have a big crazy fandom explosion of all of these things. Get ready for your computer to be loading for like 10 minutes, like the old school days of AOL dial up.*
*Jennifer just dated herself a whole hell of a lot. Dang.

When someone (or me) gives me the idea for a gif post:

When someone is oddly evasive about giving me their full name because it's the internet:

When I make a mistake and just have to publicly eat it:

When someone asks me to do something simple:

When I totally forget it's Sunday until Lili asks me when we should open:

Me, I have to do ARCycling by myself:

When that's not the case and Lili and I are in it for the long haul:

And we knock it out like the bad asses we are:

How I dramatize pressing the 'Publish' button in my head as we open:

When we open and nothing moves instantly:

Me, to Lili for being my TWTO girl:

What solving most problems actually feels like:

When people think I actually get mad over most things:

When I actually get mad for people trying to cheat my system:

When a 'big' book donation no longer surprises me:

When I get a WEIRD book donation:

Me, when something comes up about Two Week Time Out and I pawn it off on Lili:

When I look at someone's blog who wants to request and their reviews are three sentences:


And then...

And finally, my answer:

And our reaction to said blog:

When I get some snippy "suggestion":

Because of course...

When I navigate my massive spreadsheets like a BAMF:

Me, when I 'catch' someone who hasn't gotten their book mailed out in a timely fashion:

Trying to do ARCycling when my internet is slow:

When someone is just SO EXCITED for the book they got:

And now I end on a fantastic crossover:

Good gods, that was exhausting.

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