Apr 2, 2014

Hiatus. And what it means for you.

Sometimes you have to know when to do this.

If you're reading this, this most likely means you are a fan of us, whether donator or requester. And if you're a fan of us, you might have been aware of some of our failures and shortcomings the past few months. Frequent cancellations, emails getting forgotten -- in fact, I think one week we all three forgot it was even Sunday until it was Monday. Oops.

Despite my ridiculously busy life, I have to say I am AWARE of this. I haven't always been able to fix it, but I've been aware. And it's just come to the point, where I've decided to temporarily shut down ARCycling rather than continue our suffering. Lili and Gaby regrettably agree on this point.

Now, to answer the questions that will invariably come:

Wait. WAT. When will you open again????????????????
Er, not sure, friend! Could be a few weeks or maybe even a few months, but the point is that all three members are just too busy to run ARCycling efficiently and BELIEVE ME, it's better have to a hiatus-ed program than a hot mess of a program. We know when we are beat. See above white-flag waving gif.

I donated books, what happens to them?
I'll be sending out emails today, but we release your books back to you. Any donated books that you've currently submitted will be cleared from our records. If/ when we decide to open again, we'll put out a call then.

What happens to the Two Week Time Out/ time restrictions? Do they hold?
Uh, no. If/ when we open again, no one will be on time out. That would be ridiculous.

Should I still submit reviews?
YES. PLEASE. Be SURE to tweet us with links so we have away of recording them immediately. We might be closed for the moment, but we still appreciate the shiny reviews!

So... this means I still have to review the books I have?

Will you miss us?

Well, this is depressing. Can we have some gifs like the good old days to make us feel better?
ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY. There's always time for gifs. I'll even go into my gif vault for you guys.

What you guys HAVE to be like with us at this point. But no, really.

What it was like for me to write this post:

What you did upon seeing the first word of the title of this post:

What you might need after reading this:

What you might want to do to us after reading this:

But seriously, what our lives are really like:

So, luckily, with a blog...

Let's end on a serious note. SERIOUS LAUGHTER NOTE.

Well, that was fun. See ya on the flip side, guys!

*I could apologize for the amount of Dan and Phil gifs in this post, but I won't. If you know who they are, then you know why it was needed. If not, I warn you, they are nothing but internet holes. Don't fall for their cute, innocent British boy faces.