May 7, 2013

A little giveaway that doesn't have much to do with ARCycling.

Unless you are new, don't follow me on Twitter, or don't pay attention to any posts, tweets, etc, you know that I love Percy Jackson. Not like a little. But like any decent 12-year-old boy with ADHD or dyslexia does. Enough to where the following picture is my cover photo on Facebook:

Before that, it was this: (I upgraded to have Nico in there. Nico is freaking boss.)
[link] I can't find the exact link, but that's the link to the amazing artist's Tumblr, if you like Percy at all you need to familiarize yourself with Burdge's fan art. Seriously.

Don't even judge me for this. One thing I've learned in my years on this planet, life is too short to be afraid to love the things you want to love. I apply that to lots of things, including my Percy Jackson fan status. Whatever.

Anyway, over the years of my enthusiastic love, I've collected a number of treasures, including, but not limited to, a Son of Neptune promo poster (and you bet your butt I laminated it) and the prize jewel, a Mark of Athena promotional cardboard dump from the bookstore I work at. Perks of being friends with the lead of the Children's Department. However, I might have acquired too much stuff.

It doesn't help that I live in Austin, Texas. Rick Riordan lives in San Antonio, Texas. His launch parties are always in Austin. So there's always lots of signed stock floating around. And I might have purchased an extra signed Sea of Monsters (#2) and Titan's Curse (#3) on a complete spontaneous impulse. Oops. And I might have ended up with an extra promotional Heros of Olympus "water bottle" that was given out by Disney Hyperion. Oops. So, uh, yeah, those things are going to be given away here and now.

Rules? There are none. Anyone can enter! Okay, your dog can't enter, but humans alike can. You don't have to have a status of blogger, teacher or otherwise. And oh, Hades, why not make this international too?

But let's make this fun. And nerdier.
For an extra entry, ask yourself if you can name all of the characters in the first picture. This is all on the honor system for this one.
For extra entries, you're going to tweet something ridiculous. That's all I'm saying.
For extra entries, comment on this post with your favorite Percy(-based) book if you've read them, if not, then which Greek god/ goddess would be your godly parent.

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