Jan 7, 2013

Pandas and Kermit

I find it amazing that no matter how much I try to plan for things, there are ALWAYS situations that my mind never creatively imagines.

That being said... a few things.
  • Donors: Please, please, please, please, please, please, please only offer up books you can, ya know, mail out. At least, eventually (a month time frame should really be doable). Because when I tell someone they're going to get a book then they don't they are sad panda when they don't get it and I am sad panda when they don't get it (not to mention it really messes with my stats). And worst of all, I keep having to give reasons as to why it hasn't been mailed, when really, I have none. All around everyone is this:
  • The last bullet point is actually so important, I'm repeating it. DONORS PLEASE ONLY OFFER BOOKS YOU CAN MAIL WITHIN A TIMELY FASHION.
  • Okay, new things. Requesters! This one is for you. We give books to active bloggers. But, what does that mean? Simple. 5-8 reviews a month is passable. If you have several reviewers per blog, then more, usually.
  • Another one for Requesters. (New Requesters, mainly) The books on here are not "spare copies for grabs". Or whatever. These books are for review. They are not books for you to get just to giveaway for your blog or just to horde ARCs. No. No no no. If you give them away on your blog AFTER you review them, then that's kosher. But (for example) if I see you've already read and reviewed them, then no. This really shouldn't be an issue, but alas. It is now an issue that's come up.

Okay. That's all for this post, I think.
Whenever I do informational posts, I feel like this.

Okay, I'm not that serious. Maybe more like this.

Peace out!