Sep 23, 2012

So, some things.

First of all, I want each and everyone one of you to know the GUILT I have when I have to explain to someone that they are in Two Week Time Out. I feel your pain. I know your pain.
Okay, not really cause I myself have never been on Two Week Time Out, but I understand the PAIN of wanting books when you cannot have books. So to talk about this seriously painful subject, I'm going to use a series of gifs to lighten the mood and make you feel like you're in Kindergarten again. Are you shocked at this? Why? What do you expect from a blog with stick figures in the banner?!

So, I imagine that Two Week Time Out feels a lot like this.

And we are that boy and you are that girl that does not look happy at what's happening to her.

Instead, you guys should be like this.

And strutting your way to Two Week Time Out with pride.


*Or book, possibly if you got one one week and then didn't the next. If this because you didn't get a request, I am sorry for that. This is the gamble of this game.

Personally, if you're on TWTO, I wouldn't even look at the list when it goes up cause you're all...

But if you're into self-inflicted torture, then by all means.

Now, on to other things!
So, coming in January, I have a big change. I am moving! To California!
Which could be...

What, you thought the gifs were stopping? Clearly you've never browsed gifs on Photobucket. It's addictive...


I figure this because I'm moving out there with no job and one friend/ roommate. Anywho, you're sitting there thinking, 'okay, does this have to do with books?' Well, not a lot, but it will pretty much disrupt my life for a few weeks. And worst comes to worst and I go back to working the drudgery that is a retail bookstore and starving so I can pay that thing called rent that I hear is kind of expensive out there.

But, I hope it will be like this.

Okay, this is supposed to be 'party', but come on, could YOU pass up the opportunity to post a picture of Neil Patrick Harris dancing with Elmo?! I didn't think so.

However, I am planning for this, which is why Lili has been training to do the complicated task that I do every week and will be periodically running the show she won't feel like this so much when the time comes.

Yeah, it feels like that.


^ Me to you...

Don't worry! I will still be here and around during the sessions and will TRY to be at the sessions come the new year until my life gets settled. Depending on what life throws me, the ARCycling day might have to change and if that has to, I will let you all know! Promise!

And on that note, I leave with this.