Sep 8, 2012

Es muy muy importante, chicos...

Good evening, friends.

As you know, ARCycling has really taken off in the past few weeks. With the program expanding, we realized that we have to change a few things because the we're not really achieving the goal right now. So, what we want to do is clarify things... again. This is a program is like a bicycle, all the parts need to work in order for it to move. We provide the initial energy, the bicycle wheels turn (that's you, getting books and reviewing them) and we move. But right now we're stuck, lagging a bit behind because not everyone is doing their part and we're continuously encountering bumps and potholes along the road that are throwing off our momentum. The purpose of this post is to get rid of those bumps that are acting as obstacles hindering the benefits of this program and to make our ride a smoother experience.

1. Requirements to get ARCs
Really, the only requirement to receive ARC(s) from this program is to be a blogger, teacher, or librarian. We didn’t know that we’d have to clarify that you have to be a BOOK blogger. The entire point of this program is to review titles and double the press and promotion per ARC. As I’ve said before, this is a small gift back to the publishers who have lavished on us so generously. We also do not accept blogs that are memes, cover reveals and giveaways only. We are basically a blog for review blogs and if you don’t actually review books, then why do you need ARCs in the first place?

2. Posting Reviews
Obviously, we want you to post reviews. And when you post the reviews, we can’t stress how much we want you to tweet the links to @LiliReflects or @ARCycling. We want to show the expansion of this program and share your reviews with the world! If we see that you are not reviewing books, then that defeats the purpose of this program. Those ARCs could go to homes that would better appreciate them and we’ll begin to keep an eye out on you. We do not expect teachers and librarians to post reviews. You shape young minds for pathetic pay. You are absolved of that duty.

3. Time Restrictions
This goes hand and hand with number two up there. We didn’t want to do this, but this program has been around for months. We’ve given almost 80 books away and barely have ten reviews to show for all of our hard work. If you get books and you haven’t showed signs of reading it or posting a review within a month or two of receiving it, we can decide to no longer send you ARCs. Once again, they can go to homes where they will be much more appreciated. We’re not trying to make it seem as if we’re forcing these books to the top of your reading piles, but if you requested it and took it instead of allowing someone else to take it, please make use of it to the best of your ability. This is a partnership, we cycle books for you to review. It’s a deal and we all have to keep up our side of the bargain.

4. Active Bloggers
We are looking for active bloggers to request books. We have come across Requesters that haven’t posted for months, some from April. Again, this is just tainting the program’s purpose since the ARCs aren’t used as intended. Any side blogs, new blogs created for programs such as this, or blogs that have a low level of activity will not be accepted.

5. Permanent Suspensions
If we see people continuously disregarding the rules above, we may have to permanently suspend you from the program. We’re hoping that the program will never have to come to this. Please, don’t give us any reason to do this, but know that if you are in violation of any of the above rules (and we know who you are because we keep track of absolutely everything, no really, Jennifer has MANY spreadsheets...) then you will have to stop requesting and post a review, or face a permanent suspension.

We hope you can see why we’re slightly frustrated now. People are taking advantage of this program, thus taking advantage of us, and it’s hurtful and upsetting to think the idea is being abused. We want this to be fair, which is the point of this post. Please understand that. We also have our lovely Donators to think of. These are bloggers who are taking time out of their busy schedules and spending their own money to donate their books to this cause and not reviewing the books they donate is really a slap in the face to them too. And, guys, we wouldn’t be in business anymore without the Donators. Out of 77 ARCycled books, 28 (36%) have come from Jennifer. If nothing else, please have respect for the Donators.

With all of that being said, we want to thank all of the people that haven’t violated any of the rules above. We’re looking forward to a lot of reviews! If you have any questions about whether you’re on any lists, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a list from the very first session saying who got what book, we are very all-knowing like that. Also, please know that you can post reviews for books you didn’t enjoy. Don’t think we are big and scary like publishers can be perceived as. We are both book bloggers too, we want honest reviews.

- Jennifer and Lili