Nov 23, 2012

Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.

*Oh my gods, none of you even get that reference do you?

So, you've all seen my Hunger Games post, right? If not, here. You're welcome. Who doesn't love an adapted internet meme? Anyway, that would happen WEEKLY. And it was madness. Seriously, if it hadn't been a security breach, I would have screenshot that inbox and you guys could SEE the 45 emails in 15 seconds. No kidding. And all for the same book that went to fastest Tribute in .02 seconds.

Now let me set the scene for how Jennifer came up with a new idea. (It's kinda funny.)
I was going in for a medical procedure (nothing major) and I needed to be put under anesthesia, which means no food for 8 hours, but I did 12 hours. And I had just woken up and I was very, very hungry and there was no coffee in my hands, which a bad deal always. And I was talking to my dad (who was driving me) about ARCycling. Yes. To my dad. About ARCycling. Y'all are in my life more than I care to admit.

Anyway, moving on, I was saying something about it (I don't even remember what!), but I said the word 'form'. And then I had one of those staring-off-into-the-distance epiphanies, but really I was staring at a stoplight and my words entirely trailed off and I had a dumb look on my face as I tried to think 'Would that work? Could I make that work?'

It was followed by a short 'yes' as my brain supplied supplement rules, etc.

Then I madly tweeted Lili, hoping that all of the medical stuff wouldn't somehow leak this absolutely vital idea from my scattered brain. (I'm a writer, this happens far too much - so I record ideas when they happen.)

Anyway, once I was coherent enough, I spelled this idea out. Here's what is in, in my favorite bullet point format.
  • Emails, tweets, messenger pigeons and Iris messages will not accepted. If you got the last reference, let's be friends.
  • Form now!
  • Still first come, first served. 
  • But now with by-the-second timestamps. This helps YOU. BELIEVE ME.
  • You can request up to your TOP 5 books from the List.
  • Unfortunately, past that, you're gonna be a little SOL. Sorry. But we don't want any copy and pasting of the List because that's just ridiculous, guys.
  • You will ONLY get an email, if you get the book. Therefore, no email confirmation = no book.
  • I really hated writing the "sorry, you've requested like, 8 books and didn't get a single one" emails, so this eliminates that.
  • Email confirmations will still happen as soon as you get the book. Or a minute after. You know, they do take a few seconds to write.
  • They will be short and sweet. Probably titled something like "ARCycling confirmation" and will be coming from the ARCycling email.
  • If 15-20 minutes goes by and you don't get an confirmation email, you probably didn't get anything you requested. *sadface*
  • And because I know you guys like to prep your emails and speed type the titles, the form will go up before the List does by about 15 minutes.
  • AND TO MAKE IT EVEN EASIER, the form submission will be on the same page as the List. Below it, most likely. So just ONE PAGE for all of you.
Just a little note on how the top 5 requests will work. Let's give you an example! You request the following: Every Day, Future of Us, The Innocents, Rockoholic, and Fever.
But by the time you submitted, Every Day, Future of Us were gone.
So you'd get The Innocents and Rockoholic.
*This is an example of someone not on Two Week Time Out or only having the option of getting one book.

And for poops and giggles, this is a sample of what the form will look like. If you can read it. Don't try to fill this out. It's an image, it won't go anywhere.

 The form will be remade every week and have a new theme. Honestly, I expect to use every single one of Google Docs form themes because they are ridiculous and so am I.
Anyway, so who's excited?! I am!! I am a lot! Mainly because I don't have to go OH MAH GODS, EMAILS every week now!

So a few happy dance gifs to end this horridly long post? I think so.


And here's just a confusing one for you...

So, thoughts on this?!
Now before you go all 'BAH. NEW SYSTEM?!' on me, let me reiterate how much easier this will be on us. It will. It takes HOURS (no, really) to go through the emails and this will all but eliminate that. This will make us happy. Which is something you want. You want books and for us to be happy. *nods*


  1. Great idea! I'm hoping to finally get something. I suck at the e-mail because our internet takes YEARS to send! Maybe it'll like the forms better. :P

    OMG, Carlton! :D

  2. I think this is a terrific idea! Should make it so much easier!

  3. Wow this sounds like it will work much faster for you and lili!

  4. Oh this sounds like an amazing new way to do this. Let me tell you how annoying it was 2 weeks ago for me to keep email you over and over for a book. xD

  5. OMG I got your iris message reference! Lets be besties lol! You're a fan too?!

  6. Love the idea! Hopefully I will get a chance to participate soon. Working on getting the books I have already received read and reviewed first. One will be up on Monday. :)

  7. But...but...what am I going to do with all these drachmas I collected to send Iris book requests?!

    But really, this sounds like a fantastic idea!

  8. And P.S. I totally got your reference in the title. ;D

  9. I'm glad that you found a system that's going to be easier for you! I haven't requested a book yet, but I think I'll do it this week for sure. (:

  10. Great idea! And LOVF the Carlton gif ;)

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