Nov 17, 2012

ARCycling Secret Santa!

So, Jennifer and I were originally planning to close ARCycling over the Sundays the evolved around the holiday break because, face it, it’s the holidays. But I wanted to be able to celebrate the holidays with our lovely followers somehow, so we came up with ARCycling Secret Santa! Essentially, all you have to do is this... fill out the form below with your address, the books you’re contributing, and your preferred genres. For every book you donate, you’ll get a book in the mail as a gift. Say you donate 4 books, you’ll get 4 back!

By filling out the form below, you are agreeing to

  • Ship the book(s) wherever your Secret Santa lives within the US
  • Ship the book(s) ASAP within receiving your destination so that the books can arrive around Christmas

Unfortunately, we have to keep this open to US only. Please be aware that this does not count as an ARCycling week and this is there simply to ensure that everyone can get a book for the holidays! So no one will go on Two Week Time Out for this! If you’re already on time out while this occurs, these do not count as part of your time out and your time out will resume once we are back from the break. Also, know that we’ll do our best to get you a book that we think fits your description of genres. We really want you to enjoy what you get. You can link me to your review archive or Goodreads in the genres question if you want a better chance at getting a book on your TBR shelf.

ARCycling will be closed December 23rd and December 30th. These dates do not count towards time outs. All destination e-mails will be sent out December 14th and 15th so that the books can arrive before or around Christmas. Individuals who commit to this and do not follow through with their commitment will not be looked upon favorably during future ARCycling sessions.

Do you want to participate in Secret Santa? ;)

Also, keep in mind that we are still looking for regular donations for ARCycling weekly as well. These do not count towards our weekly sessions that are still open for the first half of December and will pick back up again in January.