Oct 29, 2012

ARCycling: Hunger Games style

So, someone The Twitter said "[ARCycling] is a Hunger Games online." O_O YES. Tonight, I'm not even exaggerating when I said I had 17 books go in 20 minutes. And probably about 30-40 emails though I wasn't counting.
I am the Cornucopia and you all are the Tributes. Muwhaha!!
And I think you all know what's coming now...

Lots of gifs.

When I get an AWESOME donation in.

How I feel when I come on to Twitter Sunday afternoon.

But how I am on the inside.

What I should be saying before I open every week...

How you countdown the minutes... and seconds...

You lot waiting for those minutes and seconds...

How *I* feel in those minutes and seconds...

You guys when you refresh the page and you SEE THOSE GOODIES.

How you guys are when I get an email within 10 seconds of opening.

How *I* am when I get 20 emails within 10 seconds of opening.

What some of you guys would do to your fellow ARCyclers if this was in real life.

How you feel when you get that desirable book.

How others feel when you brag about said book on Twitter.
Okay, I don't really think this happens... but ya know there was no Gale... so...

How I feel when you keep requesting books that are already gone.

Me, when you guys send emails in the format and follow the rules.
(This isn't really an issue, but how can I NOT post this one?!)

You guys going to Time Out?
Sorry if you are cuss word sensitive. It was too good of a gif...

The after party.

When I mess up.

How I feel when I did a session and DIDN'T mess up. In a crunk way...

How you guys probably feel about me. Especially after this...
Yeah, this is a bit of a stretch for the HG theme...

And now few for laughs, of course...

And lastly, if you aren't crying laughing at this... then I don't even know...

Can I just say it is FREAKING HARD to find Hunger Games gifs for a memeish thing like this? It IS.
Now, let's on a sweet note, eh?

Oh, and we just hit 200 followers. Woot! We're gonna have to do this again. Hmm for 300 mayhaps?


  1. Aaaah Jennifer! You have done my tweet justice. I APPROVE!!! :D I loved it! Great gifs! I laughed and smiled at it all. hehe. Keep up the fun posts. :D *fist-pound*

  2. and in just two more days, I get to play along!!!!! My time out is officially over this Sunday!

  3. This was genius! Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!
    You made my day!

  4. You just made my day. You really did. I freaking love this.

  5. I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.