Oct 31, 2012

Jennifer has too many books...

And sometimes she refers to herself in the 3rd person.

But back to the point, I have too many books and as the very wise Stacy from Girls in the Stacks once told me in all earnest, you aren't going to read all them, why have them? Good, smart point. And as I've said before, my book excess is one of the main factors that led me to starting ARCycling.

Then I decided to move. *screechy record stop*
So whatever excess book I have for decoration just becomes more burden-esque. And mailing out every single book would not only take forever, but it would cost hundreds. No. Really. Hundreds. I did the rough math. Hundreds. NOT counting all the gas to get to the PO. 

So, I came up with a much more better solution! (Yes, I really love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and will endlessly quote them.)
And it involves a few of these:
Or, to be more clear, THE BIGGEST BATCH GIVEAWAY EVER!!*

With tremendous help from Lili, we have organized a giveaway of OVER 100 books. A plethora of ARCs, hardbacks and paperbacks, all ranging from MG to adult. Some signed (and some personalized to Jennifer - the absolutely perfect gift for that all-too-commonly-named friend in your life!). In total there will be 13 boxes; 3 filled with series bundle packs and 10 filled with 8 to 15 books each.
Yes, that means 13 winners.

I imagine you guys to all be like this.

 What? You thought you could get a giveaway post this big without a single gif? Hah. Think again.

And guess what? Lili has her own six-month blogoversary so we joined forces to basically make it the biggest party on the book block.

Now, for the deets on this marvelously marvelous thing in bullet point form.
  • It starts TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 1ST and will run all month.
  • ALL giveaway posts and Rafflecopter widgets will be on Lili's blog, Lili's Reflections. NOT HERE. We're doing this on her blog to get word out about ARCycling!
  • While the giveaway stuff is on Lili's Reflections, there will be entries involving ARCycling. Like following us here on the blog. There will also be lots of fun optional entries. Including donating a book to ARCycling!
  • Below is the schedule with each date the packs go up. Full book list of each pack will be released on the day of.
  • This giveaway is open to EVERYONE! Bloggers, non-bloggers, teachers, librarians, writers and general book enthusiasts! But sadly, still US only except for the packs specifically for Canadians.
  • Canada, WE LOVE YOU, and because we do, we have small series bundles that are for Canadians ONLY.  Check out November 3rd.

November 1: Things That Go Bump In The Night Prize Pack
November 2: Middle-Grade Prize Pack
November 3: Series Bundles Prize Pack - CANADA ONLY with 3 winners
November 4: Chick Lit Prize Pack
November 5: Big Subjects Prize Pack
November 6: Fairies Prize Pack
November 7: Luminosity Blog Tour with a Giveaway (not affiliated with ARCycling)
November 8: 18+ Prize Pack
November 9: Male Prize Pack - male authors and MC’s
November 10: Greta & the Goblin King Blog Tour w/ a Giveaway (not affiliated with ARCycling)
November 11: Contemporary Prize Pack
November 12: Paranormal Prize Pack
November 13: Randomized ARC Prize Pack
*Claim not actually based on fact.


  1. This sounds like a blast!! I will be back tomorrow.

    Also, I added the badge to my blog (I got the code from Lili's blog) to help bring the giveaway more attention. Hope it helps! :D

    Konstanz Silverbow

  2. i hope one day europe will be included too because it's even harder for us to get arcs

  3. ooh so sad. I found about this thanks to Amy from Lady Reader's BookStuff I'm international but I love this idea. But still, all these are always North America only...
    Maybe someday... Anyway. Good luck to everyone who enters.