Oct 4, 2012

Canada, what's going on, eh?

I have to say, I've been feeling bad about all of you non-American shafted bloggers with this program. I don't want you thinking I'm sitting on my elitist American throne of books manically laughing as I smite you. Uh, no.

However, there are A LOT of problems with opening this program to internationals. Briefly summarized, it's these: time zones, no USPS Media Mail option (thus much more $ or £ or € or ¥ or ₡, etc), no tracking (if Donators are so inclined to use this) and if anything should get lost, holy mackerel, it is gone, gone, gone.

But I don't want to be that elitist American on my throne of books! So, Lili gave me an obvious answer. Let's test the waters with Canada! Our neighbors to the North! Makers of delightful syrup and lovers of hockey!

But before we completely overwhelm ourselves with wrapping our brains around how to include you lovely clad-in-plaid people, we wanted to make sure there was enough interest in this! Not just Requesters, but Donators too! All of you! AND we also want to see what our American Donators think of this too. So we've created a survey in which to log (no pun intended, Canadians!) any and all thoughts about this!

Survey closed.

*Please do not think I actually believe in Canadian stereotypes. I'm Texan for crying out loud. I was once legitimately asked if I rode a horse to school. Uh, no, I don't even own cowboy boots. And I was once given the sage advice that if I should ever be asked if I was an American in a foreign country, I was to say "Je suis Canadien".


  1. I'm not going to say LOLs, but I really am quite amused by the stereotype comment. I mean, it's like an inside joke with Canadians, like:
    American: "Oh. You're from Canada. Do you speak Canadian? And aren't igloos cold, or do you have those furry beaver hats to wear around?"
    Sarcastic Canadian: "Seriously? No one speaks Canadian. I speak Canadese. And igloos aren't cold; we have our pet polar bears to keep us warm."

    1. See, when I think of Canada, I don't even think of snow or igloos. That's Alaska. I think of tall, beautiful trees. But in the upright, growing way, not logging. I've been in northern Washington for some time...

  2. I love Canada ♥

    I've been there and it's beautiful :]