Aug 9, 2012

How I almost lost everything...

That title might be a slight exaggeration, but it was how I felt at the time.

As well as being a ARC-shlepper, I'm also a writer and currently use Google Docs to share writing work with my critique partner. I also use it heavily for this blog. It's where I keep the list of all the ARCs, the names of all my past Requesters, all my Donators. Basically all the current information ever.

So, when my Java quit working while looking at revision notes, I freaked out a lot. But then in an attempt to maintain a certain level of calm, I rationalized and figured: "okay, okay, this is okay, I can get the notes from another computer and put off buying a new laptop for a few months".
Then I remembered ARCycling. And freaked out all over again. No, really. I was talking to my dad at the moment, he can verify my utter freak out over it.

A few cuss words and tears later, I came to the grim conclusion I needed a laptop and the inevitable could not be put off any longer. The next day I went to the Apple store and purchased a 13" MacBook Pro. Say hello to Vera (named after a Firefly/ Jayne reference).

Anyway, I felt I should share this with all my lovely followers, so all of you know that I am nothing if not dedicated to this blog. The writing could have been worked around, the blog forced my hand. See you Sunday evening as planned!


  1. You are awesome for this! <3
    Hello Vera. Can I point out that it's such a BOSS name?

  2. You're really great. The world needs more people like you. :)

    1. Well, that just made my life. :) Thank you!

  3. There is another program available in the event that anyone would like more ARC recycling options: ARCs Float On, created by Sarah Mulhern Gross aka The Reading Zone (@thereadingzone). Read about it here:

    I have a list of classroom teachers to whom I regularly recycle leftover ARCs and book samples for classroom use.

    Thank you for finding another productive use of publisher's marketing efforts.