Aug 4, 2012

A schedule? Maybe.

So it has been suggested to me that I should announce a schedule of sorts for when ARCycling will be open. I think this is a good idea. The only if-y thing is that my life is a bit... chaotic? at the moment, making said schedule hard to pin down.

Here's what I have been able to figure:
- I need to devote a good 2 hour + time frame for it. As soon as I get an email request, I take it off the spreadsheet and update. It can't easily be done remotely (aka my Android phone) I know, I've tried. Then of course, there's the keeping it open for a few hours-ish to consider. AND then the packaging which I do immediately. All in all, it's a brief, but intense, work period.
- Weekend afternoon/ evenings are usually pretty good for that kind of time commitment.
- WHICH weekend afternoon/ evenings is not a concrete thing forever and ever.
- But let's go ahead and commit to Sunday afternoon/ evenings for the moment.

There you have it. In case you are wondering, Sunday afternoon/ evenings (I'd go ahead and prophesize it'll open sometime between 4p - 6p Central Standard Time) and stay open at least 2 hours. Always, always check my Twitter @JustlyJennifer for updates and when EXACTLY it'll open!

And while I have your attention, I'm working on creating a Twitter just for ARCycling. That way you don't have to see my ridiculous live tweeting of a Lord of the Rings marathon or my obsession with coffee or any cute cat pictures in your feed. Unless you want that awesome variety, in which case, keep following me at @JustlyJennifer

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