Oct 28, 2013

Annndddd.... introducing....

It's become a little clear that Lili and I needed help. Between Lili's college and Jennifer's three jobs, things were falling through the cracks. Oops.

So Jennifer went a huntin'... I mean... recruiting. The search was short. Gaby! Who is Gaby? Well, she's this chick on Twitter and this her blog, Queen Ella Bee Reads! And actually (surprise, surprise) she co-ran yesterday's session with Lili and wasn't scared off by you lot! She even called it 'fun'! Mad woman.

We're still working this new triumvirate out from week to week, but this means we'll have email responses out faster and widget updated more. Jennifer's been really dropping the ball on that. Sorry.

This means less stress for Jennifer and Lili.

And more results for you guys:

Now, everyone celebrate the adding of Gaby! The 3rd ARCycling girl. Her stick figure will be coming soon!


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