Dec 15, 2012

Two Week Time Out Made Easy

There has been a lot of questions about Two Week Time Out lately. We understand that it's hard to grasp, so I've decided to explain it clearly on a post. For now on if people ask, they'll just be directed to this post. While our initial explanation seems to cause mass confusion, my in-depth one seems to be understandable. We hope this clears up any confusion for you with all of the possible scenarios.

So...say we're starting this in the first week of a month. Here's how every possible ARCycling scenario can work out:

2 books in Week 1
  • Awesome! You got two books in one week! You are now banned for week two and week three (two weeks for the time out) and you can request again week four.  
1 book in Week 1 and 1 book in Week 2
  • Woo! Look at you! You still got two books, but this time it was over the course of two weeks! You are on time out for week three and week four and can request again in the metaphorical week five, meaning week one of next month. Enjoy the books!
1 Book in Week 1 and no book in Week 2
  • Bummer! You didn't get your second book in week two, but your time out has still begun. Once you get book one, you have one week to get book two. No matter what, time out starts during week two, book or no book. So you are banned week three and week four and you can request again in the metaphorical week five, meaning week one of the next month. Why is this? Well, this is the only way we can keep track of things. We've giving you the opportunity to grab two books, and it is up to you to make it happen. There is only so much we can do in the name of fairness without driving ourselves insane with dates that are hard to follow.
Well, I got one book in week 1 and didn't get a book in week 2, but I want a book in week 3 because you said we can get 2 books!
  • Believe it or not, we hear this a lot, so I want to qualify this. This excuse will never work out for you. Yes, you do get the chance to get 2 books, but this is 2 books in the same week or consecutive weeks. You are misunderstanding our rules. If we let you jump around weeks, the dates will get too confusing for us. We'll start missing dates, letting others take several books when they shouldn't by sheer accident, and we'll go slightly insane because we can no longer simply keep track of things. This system is tolerable for us and fair to you. So, please, be happy with it. We're getting you books! Enjoy them! 
I'm on temporary ban because I got too many books and didn't review any of them, but I've reviewed them all now, so when can I request again?
  • Good question! Once we have all the reviews tweeted or e-mailed to us, you can request at the next session and then you will go back into any of the two week time out scenarios mentioned above instead of your temporary overall suspension. Review the books and you won't have to go to temporary suspension round two! 
I genuinely hope that two week time out is more comprehensible for everyone. Most people had trouble grasping bullet points three and four. If there are any remaining questions or things that you believe that we have yet to discuss, please tell us and we'll add it. Don't hesitate to e-mail us if you don't understand one of these points. We want to explain this to you so that you can keep track of your requests for yourself now instead of having to check up with us every week. For now on, all requests about suspensions will simply be responded to with this link.


  1. Thanks for posting this ! The other rules don't really show all possible chances lol!

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  3. Where can I sign up for this? Is it open to everyone? Also wanted to say that I got all of my books for the Secret Santa. Thanks so much for hosting. It was such a fabulous idea! <3

  4. This is such a neat concept! I love the explanation even though I've yet to dig in! I'm looking forward to learning more about this program and sharing it over on my blog, Unedited!

  5. Thanks for clearing that all up!'

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