What is this?

This little idea was a combination of two fairly simple ideas.

#1 was that bloggers are corrupting their purpose.
The whole #ARCgate situation that arose on Twitter after ALA 2012, in which two sisters made videos of their egregious doubles of every book. I could go into the details of the anger that came from this, but I will not. Point is, I was watching the debate of this go around and kept thinking, 'Wow, this kind of thing makes us look so bad and that is a shame.'

#2 was the fact that I have too much crap.
No, for reals. Crap = books, especially. Between purchased and free books, I have hundreds. My Unread bookCASE (not shelf, CASE!) is both a thing of beauty and a horrible burden. With every non-bookish thing, I am a minimalist. I don't like things to clutter my life. Except for books.

These two ideas were circling around in my little brain at the same time as I was reading a literary agent's view point on the whole thing. Saying that the purpose of an ARC is for promotion and that publishers aren't getting their money's worth when people hoard ARCs.

The idea was born.

Usually, I donate my old books (finished and old ARCs) to the local children's shelter to help with my amassing crap issue. But what if I pulled select titles from that Donate pile of ARCs that are about to come out or recently come out and give them to other bloggers, librarians, teachers, booksellers, press outlets, etc. strictly for continuing promotion?

Now, now, I'm sure some might baulk at the idea of getting rid of ARCs. But what is an ARC besides a free book? Folks, it's just a normal book with an expiration date. Come that date, it's really nothing but a cheaply made version of what can be bought in Barnes and Noble. If you offered me an ARC or a hardback of the same book, regardless of what it is, I'd take the hardback. Lasts longer, looks cooler.

Oh, and there's that whole little matter of supporting the publisher that's giving out all those free ARCs. After years of my Too Much Crap issue, I got myself well-trained in getting rid of books I read and don't need to keep. I only keep what I like, because why have stuff I'm not going to look at again cluttering up your shelves? Illogical! So, if I read an ARC of a book and was all 'OMG. LOOOVEEE. IS IT LEGAL TO MARRY BOOKS YET?' it, then I BUY IT when it comes out. The author and the publisher deserve my support.